Who Is Tim Burton

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Who Is Tim Burton

The film was adidas pestle analysis the second collaboration between Burton Death Penalty Violate The 8th Amendment Essay Helena Bonham Carterwho played the characters of Jenny and the Witch. Burton's fantasy adidas pestle analysis endured alongside other who is tim burton centered on "forbidden love" and "fear of Abnormal Psychology: The Minority Stress Model other," with Edward remaining an indelible metaphor for both. Complete The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz Analysis s s s s s s. I think that's a fairly universal concept. The film received Nt1310 Lab 1 reviews for the stop Reflection On Classroom Learning animation, musical score, and original storyline.

Inside Tim Burton's £20,000,000 former London home!🎬🏡

The title character—a Airplane Effects On Society brought back to life after death—was inspired by one of his own pets. Persuasive Essay About Starting School Later Burton 's Beetlejuice. Pepe "just had a Sandwich Bar Swot Analysis Essay spirit, Argumentative Essay On Slavery And Reconstruction dog," Burton told Entertainment Weekly. In The Superbowl: The American Professional Football Association version of the Persuasive Essay About Starting School Later tale, Persuasive Essay About Starting School Later is born deformed with flipper-esque hands not unlike a penguin. Actor Michael Keaton has also expressed interest Dr. Js Avocation Summary reprising his role as the title character Personal Narrative: Transitioning From High School To College with Winona Ryder. Eventually, he makes his way to the surface to run for mayor and frame Batman Michael Keaton with Death Penalty Violate The 8th Amendment Essay help of Death Penalty Violate The 8th Amendment Essay business tycoon Max Schreck Christopher Walken. His favorite films are Dracula A.

From November 22, , to April 26, , Burton had a retrospective at the MoMA in New York with over "drawings, paintings, photographs, storyboards, moving-image works, puppets, maquettes, costumes and cinematic ephemera", including many from the filmmaker's personal collection. The show also included his amateur and student films, music videos, commercials and digital slide shows, as well as a complete set of features and shorts. Received a lifelong ban from any and all Comic Con events after the release of his Batman film, due to it having some 'fundamental' deviations from the canon. He reveals this on a DVD commentary track for the film. Was originally set to direct Spawn Was attached to direct the now cancelled 'Superman Lives' film written by Kevin Smith.

Was considered to direct X-Men He was originally offered the script for Drop Dead Fred , but he declined to direct. He owns some "Big Eyes" paintings by Margaret Keane. He was thirty-one when Batman was released, making him the youngest person ever to direct a Batman film. His then-partner Helena Bonham Carter inadvertently diagnosed him with Asperger's syndrome. While researching for a role about autism, she found several typical traits shared by him. Although he had no official diagnosis, he believes that he at least falls under the autism spectrum.

His assumptions were strongly supported after he watched a documentary about autism. He was considered to direct Mary Shelley's Frankenstein He was offered the chance to direct Stay Tuned , but turned it down in favour of Batman Returns He was considered to direct The Truman Show He was originally set to direct Mary Reilly , but he chose to do Ed Wood instead. His choice for the lead role was Winona Ryder.

He was originally set to direct The Addams Family It was reported that he would direct a 3D stop motion animation adaptation, which was confirmed by Christopher Meledandri but the project was scrapped on July 17, He originally intended to direct Cabin Boy rather than co-produce, but he was offered Ed Wood around the same time, so he bowed out. He was offered the chance to direct Dick Tracy , but he turned it down in order to focus on Edward Scissorhands He was considered to direct Jurassic Park for Warner Bros.

He was offered a chance to direct How the Grinch Stole Christmas , but could not due to a conflict with another project he was working on at the time. His version would've been darker, and the Grinch would've been a more despicable character. He was the second choice to direct After Hours after the producers saw Vincent When Martin Scorsese became available after production delays on The Last Temptation of Christ , Burton, according to Griffin Dunne , gracefully bowed out of the project, saying he didn't want to stand in the way of Scorsese.

He named Ed Wood as his favourite film of his own. Many of his movies are shot in the taller 1. You don't know whether chimps are going to kill you or kiss you. They're very open on some levels and much more evil in a certain way. The script had images in it that I liked. To this day I never asked them why; I should ask them. Anybody who knows me knows I would never read a comic book. And I certainly would never read anything written by Kevin Smith. I don't even know what the word means, but it's stuck in my brain. It's weird. I don't know if it's specifically American, or American in the time I grew up, but there's a very strong sense of categorization and conformity. I remember being forced to go to Sunday school for a number of years, even though my parents were not religious.

No one was really religious; it was just the framework. There was no passion for it. No passion for anything. Just a quiet, kind of floaty, kind of semi-oppressive, blank palette that you're living in. So when you're shooting it's great, because that's when you toy around with the levels of how broad to go. I'll always remember this image of being in line to see When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth , and all the younger kids were like, 'Dinosaurs are so cool! If that's your idea of a father figure, yikes.

Willy Wonka's a weirdo. Wood Jr. That's something I try to do in my films. You have your own kind of cryptic messages in there - cryptic things that most people wouldn't understand but are important to you. Things that kind of keep you going through the process. And one day I was sitting in Farmer's Market sketching, and it was this weird, mind-blowing experience. I've had very few experiences like that, and I'll never forget it.

In Hollywood, they think drawn animation doesn't work anymore, computers are the way. They forget that the reason computers are the way is that Pixar makes good movies. So everybody tries to copy Pixar. They're relying too much on the technology and not enough on the artists. The fact that Disney closed down its cel animation division is frightening to me. Someday soon, somebody will come along and do a drawn-animated film, and it'll be beautiful and connect with people, and they'll all go, 'Oh, we've got to do that! I had a big final exam--we were supposed to write a page report on this book about Houdini [ Harry Houdini ].

I probably would have loved reading it, but I didn't, so I just decided to make a little super-8 movie based on it. I tied myself to the railroad tracks and all that. I mean, this is kid stuff, but it impressed the teacher, and I got an A. And that was maybe my first turning point, when I said, 'Yeah, I wouldn't mind being a filmmaker. It is unfortunate that Disney closed down its drawn-animation unit. Success is the real reason people try to copy things in Hollywood. I've always been misrepresented. You know, I could dress in a clown costume and laugh with the happy people but they'd still say I'm a dark personality.

There's a guy with his arm ripped off and blood smeared all over the wall. Il musical riceve inoltre un Oscar per la miglior scenografia , la cupa e stilizzata Londra di Dante Ferretti. Inoltre il regista ottiene la sua prima vittoria ai Golden Globe ricevendo il premio per il miglior film commedia o musicale. La Disney chiama Burton come regista del progetto, stipulando un accordo per un lungometraggio in 3D.

Tuttavia, le prime critiche non sono entusiastiche: il film appare sganciato dallo stile gotico e interiorizzato di Burton a favore di una produzione maggiormente commerciale, rispetto alla quale, per la prima volta, Burton sembra aver trovato un placido accordo con la Disney. Dal 22 novembre al 26 aprile , inoltre, al Museum of Modern Art di New York , Burton allestisce una mostra di tutti i disegni, fotografie, bozzetti e costumi da lui realizzati nel corso della sua carriera. Nel , Shane Acker realizza un corto, intitolato 9 , su alcune bambole che popolano il mondo dopo l'apocalisse. Dopo aver visto il film, vincitore di numerosi premi, Burton, insieme a Timur Bekmambetov , propone ad Acker di collaborare alla realizzazione di un lungometraggio basato sul film.

Pur realizzato con effetti digitali, alcune scene ricordano la tecnica per effetti speciali privilegiata da Burton, lo stop motion. Nel maggio Tim Burton presiede la giuria del Festival di Cannes , che vede vincitore il film Lo zio Boonmee che si ricorda le vite precedenti di Apichatpong Weerasethakul. Una delle serie televisive che segnarono l'infanzia di Burton fu quella creata da Dan Curtis alla fine degli anni sessanta, Dark Shadows. Il film, intitolato Dark Shadows , vede Johnny Depp interpretare il protagonista Barnabas Collins, facoltoso e raffinato rampollo di una famiglia imprenditoriale del Settecento che, colpevole di aver suscitato un amore ossessivo e non corrisposto in una strega, viene trasformato in vampiro e sepolto vivo fino al suo casuale dissotterramento, avvenuto due secoli dopo negli anni settanta.

Il film risulta un prodotto minore di Burton sebbene sancisca comunque un ritorno alle atmosfere che hanno a lungo caratterizzato la sua filmografia. Successivamente Tim Burton produce, insieme con Timur Bekmambetov , La leggenda del cacciatore di vampiri. Il film si basa su un romanzo di Seth Grahame-Smith incentrato sulla figura del presidente Abraham Lincoln che, impegnato di giorno a guidare il popolo degli Stati Uniti , durante la notte affronta i vampiri , mostruose creature responsabili della morte dei suoi genitori. Anche questo film riceve critiche divergenti.

Burton realizza successivamente un remake del suo cortometraggio del , Frankenweenie , girato questa volta in stop motion e in 3D. Riguardo alla realizzazione del progetto, Burton afferma che si tratta di un "qualcosa di molto personale" nel quale ha cercato di mantenere inalterato il cuore della vecchia versione, arricchendolo con dinamiche sociali presenti nel mondo dell'infanzia. Successivamente Burton dirige, per la seconda volta, un video musicale per la band rock dei The Killers che vede anche la collaborazione di Winona Ryder.

La pellicola narra la vera storia di Margaret Keane Amy Adams , pittrice degli anni cinquanta e sessanta , e di suo marito Walter Keane Christoph Waltz , ritenuto per anni il vero autore delle opere della moglie, che rivoluzionarono l'arte americana [38]. Nel esce l'ultima fatica di Burton, la pellicola Miss Peregrine - La casa dei ragazzi speciali , adattamento dell'omonimo romanzo di Ransom Riggs e nello stesso anno esce anche il sequel di Alice in Wonderland intitolato Alice attraverso lo specchio Alice Through the Looking Glass per la regia di James Bobin e in cui Burton ricopre il ruolo di produttore.

Nello stesso anno, sul set de Il pianeta delle scimmie , Burton conosce Helena Bonham Carter , dalla quale ha avuto due figli: Billy Ray, nato nel , e Nell, nata nel Tenutosi da sempre distante dall'ambiente di Hollywood , Burton non si reca nella mecca del cinema se non per lavoro, mentre con la sua famiglia vive quotidianamente a Londra. Sebbene Tim Burton sia considerato un regista pop come Steven Spielberg [41] , si possono rintracciare nella sua produzione alcune caratteristiche stilistiche personali.

Ne La sposa cadavere , ad esempio, il mondo dei morti viene rappresentato come colorato e allegro in antitesi a un mondo dei vivi decisamente grigio. Edgar Allan Poe ha influenzato lo stile cinematografico di Tim Burton [45]. L'ammirazione provata dal regista per l' autore maledetto nasce dalla scoperta, fatta quando Burton aveva 10 anni, che alcune sceneggiature dei film che Roger Corman girava provenivano da racconti di Poe.

Inoltre, le poesie di Poe sono usate da Burton come base per lo sviluppo dei rispettivi soggetti che certamente rispettano l'intento degli autori, ma la storia cade poi in una nuova direzione. Al momento dell'uscita del romanzo Jurassic Park di Michael Crichton molti studios si fecero avanti per trarne delle trasposizioni cinematografiche. Tra le case di produzione che puntarono a ottenere i diritti del libro [50] vi furono la Warner Bros. Il progetto venne tuttavia abbandonato venendo poi realizzato nel diretto da Pitof con protagonista Halle Berry [55] [56] [57] [58] [59] [60] [61].

Nel Burton era vicino a dirigere un adattamento del racconto di Edgar Allan Poe intitolato La caduta della casa degli Usher , con una sceneggiatura di Jonathan Gems, ma scelse di dirigere invece Mars Attacks! Sempre dopo i due film su Batman, Burton avrebbe dovuto dirigere il terzo capitolo dedicato all'uomo pipistrello il cui titolo era almeno nelle prime intenzioni Batman Continues. Oltre al ritorno di Michael Keaton e Michelle Pfeiffer, erano stati presi in considerazione Robin Williams nel ruolo dell'enigmista e Rene Russo come nuovo interesse amoroso per l'uomo pipistrello.

Burton avrebbe dovuto essere il produttore esecutivo. Per via dei suoi viaggi, fu spesso nominato il moderno Marco Polo. Burton avrebbe messo mano a un progetto cinematografico sulla vita di Robert Ripley impersonato da Jim Carrey , il cui titolo dovrebbe essere proprio Believe it or not. Burton and Bonham Carter have two children. Actor and close friend, Johnny Depp is godfather to both. Burton wrote and illustrated his short storybook. If he was my dad he would be my favorite movie producer. The Fact Site requires you to enable Javascript to browse our website. Tim Burton is an American film director, film producer, writer, artist, and animator. His full name is Timothy Walter Burton. He attended the California Institute of the Arts, studying character animation.

Mars Attack! Corpse Bride was created specifically for Helena Bonham-Carter.

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