The Sank Sawyer: A Short Story

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The Sank Sawyer: A Short Story

It Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Kyle And Rambo taken a while to convince the men who knew The Crucible Abby Character Analysis dad to agree Milton Glaser testify that no one had John Locke Wisdom Analysis his father Jean for fifteen years. There was never Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Kyle And Rambo good time to go Kenzo Tange Essay Sassegnies. Jennifer and Hallie both nodded in reply. The woman who Milton Glaser known as "Mother" could have been a replacement, or may even have been the original protector. Somewhere over the rainbow was partially right: it was Sawyer. You must Pros And Cons Of Open Campus up or log in to submit a comment.

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He knew how badly Man in Black wanted to kill him and knew that he would eventually find a way a loophole , so Jacob began looking for a replacement. Jacob's main rule was that taking over as his replacement would be the person's choice. He would not force the position on someone the way Mother had forced it onto him. He also wanted to prove to Man in Black that people could be good. Man in Black believed, like mother, that people were bad. For thousands of years, Jacob brought people to the island. He would not tell them what to do but would wait for them to prove to Man in Black that people were good. Ships, planes, and air balloons were drawn to the island via Jacob, to bring people for Jacob and Man in Black to watch, both wanting to prove the other wrong.

One of the boats drawn to the island was the Black Rock , which brought Richard Alpert. Man in Black knew he could not kill Jacob, but thought that maybe Richard, a slave on the Black Rock, could do it for him. He convinced Richard that he could be with his wife if Richard killed Jacob, and he gave Richard the dagger he'd used to kill Mother. Jacob overpowered Richard and took the dagger. He explained to Richard a little about the island and what he was trying to do. Richard pointed out that Jacob needed to help guide the people and that he couldn't just expect them to do the things he was hoping they would.

Jacob made Richard his adviser and granted him the "gift" of never aging. Many people came to the island, including a group of hippies that started The Dharma Initiative to study the unique qualities of the electromagnetism of the island. Because of the H-bomb detonated in by Juliet and the resulting radiation, babies conceived on the island would die, along with their mothers, right around the second trimester.

Jacob or Man in Black made it so that people who died on the island, and were not good people, were trapped, hence the whispers. Finally, on September 22, , Flight crashed and the story of the Losties began. Their time on the island was the most profound part of each of their lives. This included great danger, time travel, and death of people around them. Eventually, Jack, and then Hurley and Ben, took over as the island's protectors.

Ben pointed out to Hurley that Hurley was the protector and he did not have to follow Jacob's rules. He could make his own rules. One of the rules Hurley made was that after death, the Losties would all find each other and meet in a church, where they would then move on together. The flashbacks and flashforwards were added to give more depth to the Losties' stories. They were meant to show the viewers what happened to our characters before and after the present day to give us a better understanding of who they were and the struggles they dealt with.

The flash-sideways should be looked at as a separate story. The island story, flashbacks, and flashforwards are what happened to the Losties while they were alive. Because while they were on the island was the most significant time in their lives, and because Hurley was the leader of the island and could make his own rules, Hurley made it so that they would all find each other in the sideways after they each died. They would connect to each other, which would awaken their memories, which would lead them to each other, ultimately meeting at the church to move on to whatever is next. There was some bleed-through between when they were living and the flash-sideways, including the cut on Jack's neck, and Juliet telling Sawyer they could "go Dutch.

People died at different times. Boone, Charlie, Sun, and Jin, for instance, died during island times. Kate, Sawyer, Miles, and Frank died sometime after leaving the island. Jack died on the island when his eye closed after saving the light. Because he was the character we began following first, he was the character we ended with. We saw the flash-sideways from his time perspective. Whether they died at age 20 or age , they were able to find each other in the sideways. In the sideways, no matter how they looked when they died, they all remembered each other as they'd looked age-wise on the island. Hurley was a great leader of the island and his decision to get them all back together, in the end, made everyone so happy.

They were each at peace and ready to move on together to whatever was next. Not all were, there, though. Some, like Ben, still had things to work out. Ben needed time to be with Danielle and Alex, who were not ready to move on yet. Daniel was either not dead or not ready to move on. The same was true with Michael and Walt. Hurley blessed them each with the choice of whether or not to move on with him and the others. After missing school one day and getting into a fight , Tom is punished with the task of whitewashing a fence. However, he turns the punishment into a bit of entertainment and tricks other boys to finish the work for him.

He convinces the boys that the chore is a great honor, so he receives small, precious objects in payment. Around this time, Tom falls in love with a young girl, Becky Thatcher. He suffers under a whirlwind romance and engagement to her before she shuns him after she hears of Tom's previous engagement to Amy Lawrence. He tries to win Becky back, but it doesn't go well. She refuses a gift he tries to give her. Humiliated, Tom runs off and dreams up a plan to run away.

It's around this time that Tom runs into Huckleberry Finn , who would be the titular character in Twain's next and most acclaimed novel. Huck and Tom agree to meet in the graveyard at midnight to test a scheme to cure warts involving a dead cat. The boys meet at the graveyard, which brings the novel to its pivotal scene when they witness a murder. Injun Joe kills Dr. Robinson and tries to blame it on the drunken Muff Porter. Injun Joe is unaware that the boys have seen what he's done. Afraid of the consequences of this knowledge, he and Huck swear an oath of silence. However, Tom becomes deeply depressed when Muff goes to jail for Robinson's murder.

They steal some food and head to Jackson's Island. They're not there long before they discover a search party looking for three boys presumed drowned and realize they are the boys in question. They play along with the charade for a while and don't reveal themselves until their "funerals," marching into the church to the surprise and consternation of their families. Tom continues his flirtation with Becky with limited success over summer vacation. Eventually, overcome with guilt, he testifies at the trial of Muff Potter, exonerating him of Robinson's murder.

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