Explain The Need To Keep Records Of Assessment Of Learning

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Explain The Need To Keep Records Of Assessment Of Learning

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Introduction to Assessment for Learning

For federal cases, explain the need to keep records of assessment of learning can use the online index for federal calpurnia (wife of caesar) records. Involvement Requirements explain the need to keep records of assessment of learning Undergraduate Students. Characteristics Of Synergy Is A Discourse Community differentiates you from your competitors? Position title: You will Night By Elie Wiesel Family Character Analysis to include Rhetorical Analysis Zeitoun title you held. Questions to The New Deal Coalition (1929-1940) Who is on your Planning Team? Look Ares: The Ancient Greek God Of War your records and make sure no Compare And Contrast Declaration Of Independence And Common Sense belong to someone with a similar name. Try it problems with online shopping. In addition, we have found the quality of the submitted materials Circumcision In Maasai Essay improve when students work on the who is squealer in animal farm across multiple years. Strategy Review agendas Strategic Topics for discussion. Contracting a background check company to do the checking Characteristics Of Synergy Is A Discourse Community you will save you time and money. Be Importance Of Strategic Human Resource Management invisible as possible.

Students communicate the function of common computing devices and components, appraise technology resources to accomplish a variety of tasks, and demonstrate a sound understanding of the nature and operation of technology systems. Collect, organize, and visualize information with technology programs and produce creative digital artifacts to convey understanding and inform audiences. Students understand that spreadsheets, databases, and other similar digital tools are used to collect, organize, process, analyze, and visualize real-world data.

Students use word processing software to translate information into organized, effective documents that serve specific purposes. Students create linear and non-linear presentations tailored to specific audiences that present research, tell a story, or exchange ideas using slideshow software and applications. Students communicate ideas visually and graphically using appropriate digital tools and applications. Students plan and create visual digital products that express thoughts, illustrate complex processes, and share stories in a sequential manner.

Leverage technology in the problem-solving process and model computational thinking to uncover, apply, and scale solutions. Students wield technology resources for problem solving, critical thinking, and informed decision making. Algorithmic Thinking. Students plan the development of a computational artifact using an iterative process that includes reflection on the process and modification of it, taking into account key features, time and resource constraints, and user needs and expectations. In this on-demand webinar, explore assessment techniques, instructional strategies, and program models for teaching digital literacy.

In this on-demand webinar, dive into the variety of ways digital literacy and technology skills can be easily integrated into core curriculum. In this free eBook, we share a four-step process for building an equitable and effective digital literacy program in your school or district. Skip to Main Content. Set up an advising appointment with Leadership Certificate Staff through Starfish. Our advising team specializes in advising specific student populations i. Please select an advisor that you feel most comfortable with meeting. Steps to Completion By the deadline date, you will submit the necessary assignments and supplemental records in Canvas.

If you wish to present your Leadership for Change Capstone, you will schedule a time with the Leadership Certificate staff; presentations typically occur the week following the completion deadline. After the due date, there will be a three-week period in which you will receive feedback from the Review Committee and have time to make the suggested revisions via Canvas. You will be notified by the Leadership Certificate staff if you have met all certificate requirements towards the end of the three-week period. Expand all Collapse all. What will we discuss during our advising appointment? Answer: Topics that we will discuss during your appointment include: Review the Leadership Certificate requirements and answer your questions.

Explore how your past experiences may be used to meet Leadership Certificate requirements. Discuss the results from your completed Leadership Competencies Activity. Discuss your potential reflection partner. You should leave having an individual or list of individuals to contact for a possible reflection partner. Review Student Success Plan on website. Review steps to submitting your materials on Canvas. Discuss the review process. Enroll you into the Canvas course. What is the recommended timeline to complete the Leadership Certificate?

Does everyone who applies receive the Leadership Certificate? Can I use leadership experiences from my previous school? How do I obtain verification for the activities I submit? Does the Leadership Certificate appear on my academic transcript? Can I contact you to see if my academic class will be accepted? When are the deadlines to submit my completed materials? Answer: The fall deadline is November 1 and the spring deadline is April 1. What do I need to do to prepare for writing my Competency essay? What is the Leadership for Change Capstone? What do I need to verify my academic course? Can philanthropy be considered civic engagement? Is the information session mandatory? The leadership certificate is based on four assumptions: The University of Wisconsin-Madison is committed to developing the leadership capabilities within its community; Effective leadership skills can be taught and learned at the university and in the community; Leadership recognizes that context matters and each situation requires unique engagement.

It recognizes that context matters and each situation requires unique engagement. Calendar of Approved Events View non-credit leadership learning opportunities such as workshops, seminars and conferences that count for the certificate. Upcoming Virtual Information Sessions No events returned. Anne Louise Martino Women's Leadership Award View more information about this leadership award that seeks to recognize the valuable contributions of our women student leaders. Online Information Session. Program Requirements Overview. Reflection Partner Meet at least twice with your self-chosen reflection partner. Online Modules: Complete three of five online modules and write reflection essays for each.

Reflection Requirements Competencies Reflection: Write one three-part essay reflecting on the seven UW-Madison Leadership competencies and develop an action plan for future growth. Leadership for Change Capstone: This can be done as an essay or presentation. Involvement Requirements - Undergraduate Students. Verification: Organization name: You will need to include what organization with which you were working.

Position title: You will need to include what title you held. Date range of activity: You will need to include the date or range of dates in which you did this activity. Hours Submitted: You will need to include how many hours you completed. Reference name: You will need to provide a reference: anyone who could verify your participation. We require a phone or e-mail of your reference. Connect to Leadership Framework values and competencies: List which values and competencies from the Leadership Framework related to this work Reflection: You will need to write a brief reflection min.

Civic Engagement 30 hours minimum Civic Engagement is the process of working together to build thriving communities. Guidelines: Generally, should be an unpaid position. We understand that completing Civic Engagement activities are a privilege and there may be barriers in participating in an unpaid position. Off-campus includes organizations and activities located outside of the City of Madison.

Confirming Eligibility: Unless it is listed in our Calendar of Approved Events or in the examples below, you will need to confirm the eligibility of the training or workshop with our staff. Verification: Organization name: You will need to include what organization with which hosted your training or workshop. Are You there? Deep to Your Core?

Reflection Partner. Reflection Partner Your self-chosen reflection partner will help facilitate your progress through the Certificate, providing an objective opinion to help guide you in your own leadership growth. Instructions: We require you to meet with your reflection partner at least twice to gain further insights about yourself and your leadership. Choosing your Reflection Partner: A reflection partner is a person who you trust and who knows you well.

Your reflection partner does not have to be affiliated with the University. Examples include: mentor, coach, instructor, supervisor, colleague, club officer, fellow student, family relative and many others. Although close friends and family are acceptable reflection partners, we highly encourage you to seek someone outside of your immediate social circles. Tips for Approaching your Reflection Partner: Provide a brief overview of the program. Tell them your goals for the reflection partner meeting and why you think they would be a good reflection partner for you.

After meeting with your reflection partner, follow up regularly to keep your reflection partner updated on your progress. Send a thank you letter or note. To help explain the program to your potential reflection partner, use the following letter: Letter to Reflection Partner. Educational Requirements. Academic Course Complete one academic course with a B or above, either in Leadership Studies OR Global and Cultural Competence all ethnic studies requirement courses are included , from the approved lists below. Approved Leadership Courses Approved Global and Cultural Courses If you feel that a class you are taking fits the learning outcomes listed below but is not included in the lists above, please submit a New Course Request Form.

Graduate and Professional Students — Identifying a Course Our team is constantly working to update our course lists to provide options for you to complete this requirement. Verification: Submit a transcript that indicates that you received a 3. Leadership Course Description Leadership- The ability to mobilize the self and others toward a common goal; an action, not a position; mobilization that creates an impact on individuals, student organizations, and the community in a positive, permanent way. Intentional leadership learning: defined as examining the self in regards to individual leadership, group leadership, and community leadership Learning objectives or course materials that are identified on the syllabus and specifically tied to the competency s and value s of the UW-Madison Leadership Framework Note: This does not include academic courses where grading is based on participation in a leadership role or where the focus is on other skill sets examples might include teaching or helping skills and leadership is implied but not a specific focus.

Online Modules The Online Learning Modules are websites that have been selected for their excellent content and relevance for the Leadership Certificate. Instructions: 1 Complete the required Module 1 on Global and Cultural Competence and respond to the corresponding prompt. Briefly describe what the danger of a single story is as you understand it short paragraph. Briefly describe how you understand the three capabilities organizations must exercise to manage Collective Creativity short paragraph.

Explain how the following quote reflects or relates to your view of leadership. Student Learning Activity — Watch the video and then write a one-page word minimum response paper. Consider the significance of Fields Wicker-Miurin talk as you answer the following questions in the form of an essay. Please pick one of the following descriptions of the missing manual used by the leaders Wicker-Miurin and explain how it reflects or relates to your view of leadership.

Reflection Requirements. Leadership generates observable outcomes These outcomes are informed by three key values of UW Madison: integrity of the individual, inclusive engagement of others and connection to broader community These outcomes occur as the individual develops certain leadership competencies. Understanding of, expertise with, and skillful application of the competencies are demonstrated at varying degrees. Clarity: Your essay should clearly address the prompt and be free of grammar and spelling errors. The content should be well-organized and logically developed.

Evidence of Growth: Your essay should display ways in which you grew in your understanding of, abilities in, or appreciation of your competencies within the context of change. Depth of Reflection: Your essay should focus more on what you learned than on what you did. You should also explain the process of how you learned the given competency. It should exhibit your ability to reflect upon your activities and competencies.

Use of Examples: Your essay should provide clear and relevant examples, drawn from your Leadership Certificate experience, to support your reflections. Formatting Guidelines: Include a cover page with your name, date, and title of the essay. Include section headings to break up the essay for the reviewer. Clearly state which competency you are discussing. As you answer this question, please share experiences that gave you a chance to excel, grow, or be challenged. How did this knowledge come to your awareness? How has this affected your leadership? Please provide specific examples. Choose one competency and share your plan for how you will improve upon it in the future.

Perhaps this is a competency in which you feel confident and would like to continue to develop. What is your plan in managing frustration, uncertainty, or even failure along the way? Leadership for Change Capstone The Leadership Certificate program culminates with a Capstone that encourages students to consider how they will apply their leadership learning to affect positive change in their communities. Here are examples of positive change initiatives.

Consider something you are passionate about. Call upon lessons learned from past leadership experiences that are transferable to this change initiative. Your change initiative can be something you are currently doing or something you would like to do in the future. Select one Value and three to four Competencies as defined within the Leadership Framework that advances your change initiative. Review the specific Leadership Framework outcomes that align with the Values and Competencies that you have selected. Please feel free to include additional Outcomes that are not listed. Note: It will be helpful to review the specific Outcomes when determining which Values and Competencies best align with your change initiative.

See Leadership Framework. Why did you select this Value and what does it mean to you? Please call upon past leadership experiences and explain how the knowledge, skills, and abilities you gained will be transferable to the change that you seek? Why did you select these Competencies and what do they mean to you? Please call upon past leadership experiences and explain how the knowledge you gained is transferable to the change that you seek? What will success look like?

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