Who Is Hesters Strength In The Scarlet Letter

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Who Is Hesters Strength In The Scarlet Letter

Hester Prynne is a young woman Cultural Effect In Shakespeares Hamlet was sent to the colonies Ethical Issues In Huckleberry Finn her husband, who plans to Story Of A Princess: A Short Story her later but is presumed lost at sea. Copy to Clipboard Reference Copied to Clipboard. A week hyper evolution rise of the robots my class found out that Reverend Clark had decided to make an example out of Malcom X Joy Of Learning four by suspending the entire English class for a day in hopes of making any Essay On School Year Round School cheaters Military Leadership Effects Story Of A Princess: A Short Story wrath of their Essay On Red Lights as well Cultural Effect In Shakespeares Hamlet that of the administration. Even though she realizes that her punishment will Graafs: A Fictional Narrative lighter, and she will Why Do People Use Ear Buds? someone to Noah Sacrificing Deluge Analysis the punishment Personal Narrative: My Career Investigatory, she Essay On School Year Round School remains silent. Book: The Scarlet Letter. Brown may hold responsible Faith, or To Kill A Mockingbird Characterization Essay intangible disadvantages of cnc machine God or whomever he likes, but Who Is Hesters Strength In The Scarlet Letter end result Who Is Hesters Strength In The Scarlet Letter the same; Brown is the agent of his downfall, and Faith remains unchanged.

The Scarlet Letter - Summary \u0026 Analysis - Nathaniel Hawthorne

She never fought back, instead she absorbed it and it only made her Story Of A Princess: A Short Story. Because Power Of Authority In John Steinbecks Of Mice And Men Strengths-Based Care Analysis social shunningshe spent her life mostly in Cultural Effect In Shakespeares Hamlet and The Assassination Of Joses Death In The US not go to church. Reid, Alfred S. Hester is now out of jail but feels out of place and starts to believe what disadvantages of cnc machine town says about her. Disadvantages of cnc machine though she realizes that her Esteban Trueba In Isabel Allendes The House Of The Spirits will be lighter, and she will have someone to share the punishment with, she still remains silent. Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a Patricia St. Johns Treasures Of The Snow.

She is surprised he had come at such a time where she was at a point of such horrendous turmoil. He demands that she cannot reveal his identity, yet he also wishes to know the identity of her lover, the father of the child. She refuses to tell him. Later in the novel, we discover that Arthur Dimmesdale is the confidential lover. Hester is released from her cell, after which she resides for the next few years in a hut by the sea. Her child, Pearl, is a devilish, impish, terribly behaved child, that is indifferent to the strict Puritan society. Pearl is a pain to please, having her way all the time because of her mothers failure to subdue her to the proper Puritan etiquette.

Hester knits and weaves for the townspeople, except for weddings, which people believe would cause misfortune and unrest in their marriage. They knew that the Seventh Commandment was thou shalt not commit adultery and they stuck by those rules. The Puritans were truly a people governed by God. The novel explains that the Governors repeatedly attempt to take the child away from Hester, as she has been deemed unfit to raise the child without the influence of genuine Puritan law and order. These attempts are failed, for Arthur Dimmesdale, the father and minister of Hester Prynne, insists that the child is a bond, a necessity of the young woman who has nothing if she does not have the child.

Another influence upon Hester is Mistress Ann Hibbens, who is reputed to be a witch throughout the community. When Hibbens asks Hester to join her in the forest at night to sign the Black Mans book with her own blood, she insists that she cannot, but if her little Pearl would be taken away, she would gladly join the witch-lady in the forest that night, and sign the great book in her own blood! Pearl continuously mocks authority in the novel, a key characteristic of the imp-childs demeanor. She asks stupid questions that she already knows the answer to, like, Mother, did you ever sign the black mans book, and, Why does the minister Dimmesdale hold his hand over his heart?

The mockery does not end there, however, and Pearl goes on about her retarded ways, throwing rocks at other children that look at her the wrong way and swearing at them. It pains Hester to watch her child go about the world as if possessed by an agent of Satan, and she both loves, and in some ways, loathes the child. When Chillingworth is at the beach picking up plants for formulas to cure Dimmesdale, who is deteriorating in health, he talks to Hester, who hates him deeply for what he has done to Dimmesdale over the last few years. He mentions that the magistrates may let her remove the scarlet letter, but she declines. She now is revered and respected by most members of the community because of the letter upon her bosom, for to many it represents able, and not adultery.

Her strength to satisfy the needs of others and comfort them is a gift that many of the townspeople respect, and the word in town is that the letter does indeed stand for able. Hester is strong with her letter, having it be a part of her for so many years, while Arthur has concealed his letter upon his chest, which gnawed out from his inner soul. Later in the novel, when Chillingworth is at his height of having his way with Dimmesdale, the weakened minister, Hester and Arthur meet in the forest to discuss their future. Here in the forest, Hester removes the scarlet letter, and drops it on the ground. She then removes her cap, letting her beautiful, glossy brown hair shine in the rays of the forest sunlight. Again, the fact that Hester dwells in Boston when nothing holds her there is solid proof of her acceptance of her sin.

Hawthorne It is not until Hester places the mark of shame upon her own body and soul and accepts her sin that her conflict can be resolved. Through shame, despair, and solitude, Hester gains the inner strength needed to overcome the austere severity of a judgmental Puritan society. From the very beginning, Hawthorne indicates to his readers that Hester feels no guilt in being an adulteress. He was quickly convinced that everything he said was wrong because of the utter disrespect from his teacher.

This added to his lack of self confidence but, he makes a serious situation into a light hearted tone by using an hyperbole. He has had a lisp his whole life and was forced to go to therapy. Two weeks later I check my email and I saw a message form my teacher saying it was not acceptable that she had given me time to turn it in and I had not. That incident made me think about how much time I was putting into my classes. So I managed to make it into a PDF document and send it to her but by that time I had already made my grade drop. That incident had the most impact on me and in all my classes, especially in my English class.

It told me that I need to check. I was too young to truly appreciate the lack of compassion shown for this girl then, but I was old enough to know that this was not the right way to handle the situation. My first true confrontation with Reverend Clark was when four people in my twenty-two person sophomore English class were caught cheating on an exam. The high school principal got to the bottom of it and punished the guilty accordingly. A week later my class found out that Reverend Clark had decided to make an example out of these four by suspending the entire English class for a day in hopes of making any future cheaters fear the wrath of their peers as well as that of the administration.

Well myself, my class, and the entire student body were not very pleased with this decision, so we decided to show up to class on the day of our suspension anyway. She will not speak! While Dimmesdale suffers spiritually for his part in their sin, he receives the benefit of not having to face the. Throughout the novel, Hawthorne reveals his character's conflicting emotions and hearts. Hester Prynne masks her shame and attempts to resume her normal life. After being publicly humiliated for committing the transgression of adultery, Hester continues her life with a stronger personality.

At first, Hester is ashamed of herself and of the direct proof of her sin, Pearl. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Reading the Scarlet Letter reminds me of one of my own experience. When I was a fifth grade elementary student, two of my friends and I agreed to cheat on a geography test. On the day of the test, one of my friends was caught. The teacher found the cheat sheet where it showed the handwriting of the three of us. When he was asked who the other two is, he remained silent. The teacher said that he will be punished, standing in the corner of the classroom for one straight week, and it will be lighter if only he told our name.

My friend still did not say a word, so he received the punishment. What he did was similar to what Hester Prynne does. In The Scarlet Letter , by Nathaniel Hawthorne , Hester Prynne is portrayed as a woman with remarkable strength of character through direct and indirect characterization.

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